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MOMS ClubŪ of Fort Thomas, KY

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New members are very special to us and we want them to feel welcome in every way! It is important that new members feel like a part of the MOMS Club family.

Member Testimonials

“Being a stay-at-home mother can be very tiring and lonely.  Finding the MOMS Club of Fort Thomas, KY helped fill the void that I was feeling as a new mother.  I've found dear friends for myself, playmates for my children, and opportunities to bless others and be blessed myself.  I honestly can't imagine my life without the support and friendships that I've found in the MOMS Club.” – Sarah

 “I joined MOMS club when my first child was 6 months old and it opened the door to so many things for me.  I was feeling very isolated at the time.  I instantly felt welcomed and encouraged to join in on all the activities they had planned.  I learned so many new things to do with my baby and good mommy tips.  Three years later, I am still very involved.  Now, I have another newborn and don’t get to attend every event, but the support is still there.  The best thing about MOMS Club for me is the connection I get with other moms by discussing hardships and emotions we all have at one time or another.” – Jennifer

 “It is in the nature of a mother to be giving, and such is the nature of the MOMS Club of Ft. Thomas via the numerous community service projects partaken in throughout the year.  Additionally, most moms can relate to the added stress of meal preparation when a new baby arrives.  Having meals delivered by other moms of the MOMS Club is an extremely helpful and supportive benefit of being a member, not to mention the special friendships that one makes as well!” – Stefanie

 “When I joined, I expected the MOMS Club of Fort Thomas to connect me with playmates for my children; I wasn't disappointed.  I didn't expect to find the true friendships I now have with so many moms in my community; I am ever-grateful.” – Carrie

 “I have really enjoyed playgroup both for myself and for my daughter.  It has provided me with not only a great local support system for concerns and questions about parenting, but really wonderful friends with which to share my mothering experiences, ups, and downs.  I hope as our kids get older and even move away, we mothers will still foster our relationships that were started when the kids were 12 months old!” – Maria

 “Before becoming a parent I never imagined myself joining an organization for moms, but I am so glad that good fortune led me to become a member of the MOMS Club of Ft. Thomas.  Not only have I found great friends, playmates for my children and an abundance of indispensable parenting resources, but all of these things have helped me to become a happier, more patient, fun and loving mother.”  – Andi  

We'd love to have you as a member of our club!

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